“Having Emma Watson on the road with us during our UK tours for the better part of 10 years was an amazing asset…in fact, it wasn’t until we switched labels and worked with other PR companies that we realized just how much her presence ON the road helped our TM, our LN rep, and to be honest, the band itself…Having her along to handle meet and greet logistics, press, and on the road promo is sincerely something you can’t put a monetary figure on…And she does her job VERY well!”

Jaret Reddick – Bowling For Soup, People On Vacation, Jarinus

“I have worked with Emma Watson professionally since 2007. She started working as my publicist when I began working with Chris Cornell. She has been in charge of directing and pursuing all of my press endeavors internationally and has been responsible for countless meet and greets, interviews and video footage arrangements pre and post show in every imaginable form of venue and across the UK, Europe and America. She is always a pleasure to have around and a joy to work with during every band I have been associated with since our meeting (New York Dolls, Foreigner, Chris Cornell, American Hi- Fi). She is efficient, fun, and always professional. I highly recommend her services as I can think of very few who can do what Emma does in this often difficult and chaotic business and still always get the job done and keep her cool. I hold Emma in my highest esteem and I assure you she is the best person for the job!”

Jason Sutter, drummer – Marilyn Manson

“I recently worked with Emma when I was Tour Managing the band Patent Pending on our UK tour. Had it not been for her, it would have been extremely difficult to keep track of all of our meet and greet winners and interviewers. Given we were coming over from the United States to the UK for the first time, it was extremely helpful to have her there guiding us in the right direction. I knew if there was any confusion on the day of a show I could find Emma at any time and she would have whatever information I needed. Having her there also saved me having competition winners and interviewers calling my phone or emailing me all day when we were busy handling other things at the venues. Having that extremely reliable and helpful hand out there made things a lot less stressful for me. Next time I tour I would love to have Emma on board helping us out.”

Corey Weisinger – Tour Manager, Patent Pending / Events Representative, Nassau Colisseum

When she’s not creating Barry Manilow fan art, Emma Watson is very talented at making logistical touring experiences efficient and memorable. She had good morals and is a hard worker. She also owns Michael Jackson’s monkey Bubbles, which she stores in a Florida zoo, as it would be unhappy in her UK place of residence. That is a metaphor for her involvement in the music industry.”

MC Lars

As a career photographer I have travelled extensively documenting bands on tour, shooting promo, backstage and live performance images. I have come into contact with many PR people. In 2003 I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Emma Watson by a tour manager. Since then I have enjoyed working with her on many occasions, with many different artists. She clearly understands the wishes of the bands she represents, as well as the needs of, and difficulties faced by, photographers on tour and works hard to ensure the smooth running of all things promo-related before and during a show. In my experience, dealing with Emma makes the whole process of applying for, attending and shooting a show professional and stress-free. She has an excellent knowledge of the major venues and has always been available in person to provide clear and relevant information. In the past she has arranged promo shoots for me and organsied VIP experiences for the fans where photographers were present.

Emma is invaluable when it comes to liaising with artists. In my opinion, she is the “missing link” that many events lack. Having Emma on-hand at a show as a clear point of contact is hugely beneficial. If only this kind of service was available at every gig I attended.”

Scott Cole, Photographer